Dog Grooming and Dog Boarding in Spring, Texas

Are you looking for dog boarding kennels or pet grooming in Spring, Texas?

Animal Crackers Dog Boarding & Grooming

Animal Crackers' dog grooming and dog boarding facility serves Spring, Texas. We provide a variety of services including:

Drop by anytime during business hours for a tour of our hotel for dogs, doggie day spa, or other term of endearment our dog owners like to use for our facilities.
Animal Cracker's dog grooming & dog boarding facility:

We invite you to come and tour our beautiful facility with plenty of grassy areas for your dog to walk and play. Animal Crackers is located in our main two story building which includes the dog grooming, pet grooming, dog boarding kennels, and day care pet spa business.

About Animal Crackers
I have always had a special bond with animals. I began dog training and dog obedience training 18 years ago using positive reinforcement. As I train I see each dog become happier and more confident. Being very intelligent animals they need a job to do using their minds. You have to be a dog whisperer, of sorts.

I work with children, adults and physically impaired persons. I also work with dogs that are deaf or blind. My goal is to educate, assist, train and help you have a companion who will give you some of the most wonderful experiences of your life.

My personal breed, Bouvier Des Flandres, have been my "Best Teachers" they have taught me patience, endurance and a great sense of humor. Check out our photo gallery to see pictures of our dog boarding and dog grooming staff in action. Call us a hotel for dogs, dog salon, dog salon, you pooch will be comfortable here.

Our newest dog groomer, Lisa
Formerly a pet groom teacher at the Golden Paws Grooming School, Lisa gives your pets a fabulous quality grooming at our great reasonable pricing. AND, in addition to dog grooming, Lisa also grooms cats!!!! If you need a yorkie puppy cut, shih tzu grooming, poodle grooming, goldendoodle grooming, Lisa has experience with a wide variety of breeds and offers great dog grooming prices in Spring, Texas

Dog Grooming Information:
Our dog grooming facility is open 7 days a week. We have experienced dog groomers who bathe each dog twice and hand blow dry to insure your dog is clean and most importantly that they have a good dog grooming experience. If you don't know how to groom your dog and dog grooming tips aren't helping you, look to Animal Crackers for your pet grooming needs. We are the best dog clippers and are even your dog ear cleaner. Some refer to us as a pet salon or pet spa.

How much are you paying to get your dog groomed? Compare our prices! Our dog grooming prices are great!

We groom Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Giant Poodle, Giant Schnauzer, Yorkshire Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Maltese, Shit Tzu, Golden Retriever, Toy Poodle, Pomeranian and many other breeds. Quality grooming at an unbeatable price. Why pay more?

So if you need yorkie grooming, bichon fries grooming, schnauzer cut, shih tzu grooming, we are an all breed pet grooming facility in Spring, Texas.

We offer extra services such as:

Dog Boarding
You love being around your dog but every once in while you need to go somewhere or do something and you need someone to take care of your dog for you. At Animal Crackers Dog Boarding we offer professional dog boarding at our spacious facilities so you can rest assured that your dog is safe, having a good time and being properly taken care of while you are away. Our dog sitting rates and overnight dog sitting rates are very reasonable among dog kennels in Spring, Texas. Whether you want an outdoor dog kennel or an indoor dog kennels, we have both.

Check in time:
7am - 7pm ~ Mon- Fri
7am - 5pm ~ Sat
2pm - 5pm ~ Sun

Vaccine Protocol
Per your veterinarian.

Extra Charges:
Playtime $6.00 each 15 minute session
Medication charges $1.00 each day for each medication
Raw Buffalo Bone $4.50

Dog Grooming
Dog boarding is a great solution if you need someone to watch your dog for the day. Not all kennels in Spring, Texas are equal. Our k9 kennels are built for your dog's comfort. Some might compare us with cheap dog kennels because of our competitive pricing. However, our facilities are more like a hotel for dogs with dog spa facilities on the same campus. Your dog can be pampered by our dog grooming business when they stay with us, or simple stay at a nice indoor dog kennels or outside dog kennels.

You know what can enhance your pet's dog boarding? Dog grooming! At Animal Crackers we offer dog grooming packages along with our dog boarding services so when you pick up your dog they're not just happy to see you but sparkling clean as well.

Dog Obedience Training

Our dog training programs include:

We offer individual classes as well as Board + Train options in Spring, Texas. Along with dog training we also offer full dog boarding services.

Our Trainers:
Terry McGregor
After early retirement from the Harris County Sheriff's Department, Terry began the career he loves, training dogs. Terry joined me in 1996. He has bred Boxers and Rottweilers. Terry does all our Board + Train and advanced dog obedience. Terry enjoys pet training at the best dog kennels and top dog grooming facilities in Spring, Texas. To get started with professional dog training today, contact us today at 281-257-6755.

Dog Day Care
Your pet will think they are at summer camp while snoozing, playing, or relaxing in our air conditioned dog day care suites before play time in fenced sunny play yard. Whether they spend their time in the pet suites, the outside dog runs, or the play yard, your dog will have a comfortable experience.

All dogs must be evaluated before being accepted into our Dog Day Care Program. Our long term pet boarding or overnight dog sitting rates might also interest you. If you are looking for doggie day care Spring, Texas, dog grooming near me, or dog boarding near me, look no further.

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday - 6:30am to 6:30pm